Playdate activities. What to bring.

You’ve spoken to the MLA, or more likely their staff, and expressed your concerns about schools being closed and about BC’s public education. Now what?

Occupying an office isn’t the challenge.
Occupying your kids is.

You’re a parent. And it’s a playdate. Bring things that will encourage the kids to interact and something for their downtime. Things that will give you time to talk to the other parents.

Bring games that a couple of kids can play and aren’t so competitive they’ll cause arguments. And one’s with large pieces that are harder to loose.

Story time is fun! Choose books your kid loves to hear, or loves to share. Bring some homework books, paper, markers, pencils and pens. Think about books that reinforce the importance of learning or standing up for what you believe in.

Minecraft et al. Yes, it will truly suck away their time but have your kid prepared in advance to share.

Pavement activities
A good supply of sidewalk chalk allows the kids to play hop scotch or become budding artists; you can express yourself.
Important note: if the MLA’s office is in a mall or shopping centre this is private property. Chalking might be a problem.

Snacks and Lunch
Unless you’re planning on only a short stay, pack what you’d pack for school. It’s probably best to observe any school allergy rules and bring a bit extra for when your kid makes a new friend.
Don’t forget you’ll need to eat too.

Because you never know when you’re going to be sitting on the sidewalk.

Additional suggestions are more than welcome — send them in.