Organize your own MLA Playdate: Finding other parents to go.

OK you’re angry. You want something done so your kids can go back to school.

MLA Playdate seems like a good idea but there’s not one organized. And you also don’t want to be the only one who shows up for a playdate at the MLA’s office. Especially with your kids — they’d be bored senseless!

You need to find other parents first. So let’s do it. Here’s how and how we’ll help you.

1. Have a day, time and MLA’s office in mind before you start, but be flexible. You can find every BC MLA’s office with MLA Finder. Know the office’s business hours. It’s usually on their website but not always. You may have to walk by their doors and see, or call and ask.

2. Talk to parents of your children’s friends, parents you see in the park — any where — about how you both want your kids back in school. Then ask them what they’d like to do about it. Listen. If they’re expressing powerlessness, suggest joining you at down at the MLAs office. The biggest problem for parents will be work. But many of them are already facing that problem and having to take time off.

3. Great! Now you’ve found a couple of parents, send us the date, time, location and any additional information about your MLA playdate via twitter or our contact page. We’ll post it online and tweet it out to our followers and hashtags.

4. If you’re on Facebook, make an event page and invite more people. Send us the page’s URL and we’ll add it to your event’s post on this site for more people to find.

5. Download our ready-made poster, print and add your information. Make a quick trip to the copy shop to make some copies, then put it up where there are lots of parents and kids in your community.

So how many parents are coming? Our guess? A lot.