Media Advisory: BC parents begin holding playdates at MLA’s constituency offices today.

September 2, 2014

Today, BC parents will begin holding playdates at MLA’s constituency offices across the province.They’ll come with their children; with books, games and sidewalk chalk.

Parents want both their kids back in school and for their kids to get a quality public education. They are concerned about the impacts on their children and families which are both short and long term. Families won’t be able to pay the bills because a parent is unable to work while their children are not in school learning. Kids who are all ready falling through the cracks from inadequate support for teachers in classrooms and families that can, and do, re-mortgage their houses to get it.

These parents are self-organizing, forming their own groups, and we’re providing a forum to help them do it. MLA Playdate has been organized informally over social media, we’re just blogging it. We hope parents will get the chance to express their serious concerns to their elected representatives and to engage in playfulness.

These parents all have stories to tell and we encourage you to cover them.

We shall play in their offices
and chalk their pavement.
We will have story time.
We will never surrender.

This is what MLA Playdate is about.

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