Parents, share your concerns. Share your stories.

Sharing your stories is what this is about. Tell your MLA. Tell the media. And tell each other.

1. Use the #MLAPlaydate hashtag when sharing, it’ll be easier for others to share. If you also add the MLA’s name it will help people to see the scope of playdates.

2. Tell the MLA, or their staff, your concerns and questions as a parent about schools being closed and your worries about your child receiving a quality public education. Then share them on social media.

3. Share the fun and creative activities your playdate is engaging in. Others can learn from what you are doing and have more fun because of it. Post some pictures — show us your chalk art, pirate hats, games or signs. But ask permission before posting pictures of other people’s kids — other parents might have different ideas about privacy than you do.

4. Talk to each other. Find your shared concerns.

5. Talk about what is going to happen tomorrow or next week if schools do not open. Do you want to hold another playdate or do something else? When? Will it be at the same or a different office? If you haven’t already, find a way to stay in contact and to grow your group. Pace yourselves, right now it seems unlikely this race is a sprint.

6. And have fun with your kids. They’re what your stories are about and why we’re doing this.