My MLA Playdate with John Yap

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Courtesy of Michelle Li.

Today, September 8th, at 8:30 am, many students, parents and grandparents gathered in front of John Yap’s office. We joined, with other parents across B.C., for an MLA Playdate — to let our elected officials know that we are tired of this government’s inaction.

We were there to petition Mr. Yap on behalf of our children and their right to an education. We asked him to take our concerns to Christy Clark on our behalf.

Mr. Yap accepted letters from concerned constituents and met with myself, Michelle Li, for a brief meeting where I presented my letter and those from other parents, students and educators. He did come outside to the gathered parents for a few minutes and reiterated that the people of B.C. elected this government on their mandate of a balanced budget. The parents gathered were not accepting of that answer and demanded immediate action to get our kids back in school.

We feel spending priorities need to be addressed so that this stalemate, where our kids are used as pawns, can end.

Attached is the letter that I wrote to Mr. Yap and some pictures from the event.

Thank you for bringing this issue to your readers.

Michelle Li
Richmond, B.C.

Letter to John Yap

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