Your kids are back in school. Their schools are still underfunded. And your MLAs miss you.

MLAs closed their doors on MLA Playdates.  But now they are holding their 2015 budget consultations!

Yes, your MLAs miss you. And their are now asking for your input on public education spending. We suggest you give it to them.

This committee last year in their Report on the 2014 Budget Consultations (pdf) recommended increasing funding for BC’s K-12 system:

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 9.31.39 PM


  Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 9.31.58 PM

(See pages 31 to 38 of pdf for the committee’s discussion of Education. It’s recommendations on pages 37 to 38)

Well, come budget time that didn’t happen. Instead we have a government that flat-lined the K-12 education budget and is now taking the money it “saved” during the strike away from school boards and out of the provincial education budget.

Seems the government missed the memo. Perhaps we could remind them of this fact.

Or perhaps to remind that their choices have human consequences, you would like to share with them a personal perspective on their budgeting such as your child:

  • being on a years-long waiting list for assessment,
  • receiving inadequate support for a learning disability, special need or giftedness,
  • sharing outdated text books because there are not enough for the whole class,
  • having elective courses they need for their academic development cancelled,
  • being in an outdated and overcrowded (and therefore unsafe) shop class, or
  • learning in a school that needs a seismic upgrade.

Or perhaps you are on a PAC and can tell them what the government’s public school funding is failing to provide and that you are now buying for your school through fundraising.

Note: your comments will be public so think carefully about what you are willing to share and what you want kept private.

Visit the Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services’ webpage for information on participating in the hearings, on making a written submission or to fill in their survey about budget priorities.

And the graphic at the top of this post? Take it. Share it.

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