Speak up for BC public education funding. MLA offers a how-to workshop.

It’s time for parents to speak up for our kids’ public education and it’s funding.

Over the last few weeks we’ve seen parents speaking out online about a lack of textbooks, overcrowded and under-maintained schools. We’ve heard about unsafe and out-of-date shop classes. We’ve heard about special needs kids going without assessment and without services. We’ve heard of libraries without librarians or the funds to replace or buy new books. The list just goes on…

Government needs to know hear these things directly and on the record — not just through their monitoring of social media. We urge you to present your views to our MLAs and your government through the BC Legislature’s 2015 Budget Consultations.

It’s OK to admit that you’re nervous. And it’s OK to ask for help presenting your arguments. Preparing your ideas and turning them into a letter, video or presentation can seem daunting. There is help!

Sue Hammell, the MLA for Surrey-Green Timbers has stepped up to offer assistance. On October 14, she is offering a workshop for parents on presenting to the Select Standing Committee on Finance.

Speak Up for Public Education: present to the finance committee
Date and time:
Tuesday, September 14 at 6pm
Location: 100 – 9030 King George Boulevard, Surrey
To register: email sue.hammell.mla@leg.bc.ca or call 604.590.5868

Guest speakers:
Charlene Dobie, Surrey School Board Trustee
Rob Fleming, MLA for Victoria-Swan Lake and Education Critic
Helesia Luke, Researcher

Deadline for submissions to the committee is October 17. If you haven’t made your submission — and can make it to Sue Hammell’s workshop — go! It’ll be a good place to get yourself started.

Tell your fellow parents about this workshop. They might want help to speak up for our kids’ education too. And please share Sue’s graphic below.