#MIAMLA: BC Liberal MLA in hiding over school closures

Boundary-Similkameen MLA Linda Larson is MIA.

Larson was only too happy to announce $271,000 in improvements to Osoyoos Secondary School (OSS) just four months ago in a November 9, 2015 media release.

“Work is expected to be completed by spring 2016,” says the release. And completed just in time! OSS are now to be closed and students bused to Oliver.

Naturally, her constituents don’t want their town’s only schools closed and their kids bused half an hour down the highway.

They also want an explanation from their MLA who represents them in Victoria – and they want their concerns heard. Here’s what the local paper had to say:

We also hope that MLA Linda Larson will be there to hear from the Osoyoos community.

It is, after all, the provincial government that controls the purse strings and under her government, public education has been getting a smaller and smaller share of the provincial budget.

That’s what this is all about.

EditorialThe Osoyoos Times, February 3, 2016

But Larson doesn’t want to talk to her constituents. She didn’t make it to the first consultation meeting on February 9 and has stated that she won’t attend the second one scheduled for Tuesday, March 8.

She said it would have “no value.”

MLAs that only want to come out and chat when they cut a ribbon aren’t doing their job. MLAs need to be there when their constituents (in this case: Osoyoos parents) want to talk about their children’s and community’s schools – or potential lack of them.

MLAPlaydate knows a bit about #MIAMLAs, locked doors and the silent treatment.

Remember, this is what the BC Liberals promised in 2001:

BC Liberals 2001 accountability promise

Our question to MLA Larson: Is is too much to ask you to do your job?

To Osoyoos parents: break out the sidewalk chalk. We’re glad to see you standing up.