MLAs lost the plot: Report on the Budget 2016 Consultations #bced #bcpoli

Somewhere along the line between consulting British Columbians and standing up to vote in the legislature some of our MLAs dropped the plot.

The Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services made these recommendations for K-12 education in BC as part of their report last November on the fall’s 2016 Budget Consultations.

Standing Cmte-Recommend

These committee members then voted for a provincial budget that failed to implement the K-12 recommendations:

Scott Hamilton (chair), MLA for Delta North
Dan Ashton, MLA for Penticton
Eric Foster, MLA for Vernon-Monashee
Simon Gibson, MLA for Abbotsford-Mission
Mike Morris, MLA for Prince George-Mackenzie and
John Yap, MLA for Richmond-Steveston

Now some of their constituents’ schools are being closed – due to a lack of funding.

Judge for yourself. View the Select Committee on Finance and Government Services’ “Report on the Budget 2016 Consultations” (pdf).

K-12 education funding is addressed on pages 8 to 11 of the report (pp20-23 of the pdf)