It’s time for our children to be back in school getting a quality public education.

Starting Tuesday, September 2nd, 10am to 3pm — and everyday until school is back. It’s time for a visit to a MLA for your MLA playdate.

We shall play in their offices
and chalk their pavement.
We will have story time.
We will never surrender.

Bring your kids and concerns; bring books, games and sidewalk chalk. Talk to the MLA. Talk to their staff. Talk to other parents.

Check for MLA Playdate events posted here and join in.

If you don’t find one in your community, find some neighbours and start your own. We’ll be posting resources here to help you. You can find all the MLA’s offices here.

Let us know what you’re doing. We’ll post it here — and on twitter — so others can join you.

Follow @MLAPlaydate for updates, new events and coverage of successes. Help spread the word.

Above all organize!